Monday, May 22, 2006

Relationships: Feelings

Some people seem to be able to control and turn their feelings on and off like a light switch. In my opinion, what they are doing might be repression. I know, whom am I to know how they are able to manage to just shut off their feelings? I just know I can't. In my experience feelings are feelings. Speaking for myself: you can try to control them, or you can let go and let God, but there is no point in denying them because you really do feel them. It is our choice in how we respond to feelings. Of course, we are responsible, and accountable for our actions.

Feelings, speaking for myself I can not will them. But, they do not control me. Like all of us I may not always be free to act on my feelings, like anger for example. I take responsibility for my actions, but I am, we all are, entitled to have whatever feelings I/we have about whomever/whatever we have them about. In my opinion we are entitled to love, hate, like, dislike, be attracted to, be not attracted to or feel angry or sad over the loss of whomever/whatever we feel those feelings for. Some folks think it is a sign of weakness to cry over the loss of a pet for example. But, we are accountable for how we react, or fail to react sometimes, to feelings, or even the lack of feelings.

If you feel sorrow over the loss of a friend, pet, relationship, (or a potential relationship) you might of had, that is your right. You have a right to grieve. But, it is to great credit if you see when the outcome of acting on your feelings toward the object of your feelings is not what you want. So, despite our feelings we sometimes need to let go. In my opinion that is an act of strength, not weakness.

In my opinion we are entitled to our feelings and responsible for our actions.

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